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May 15, 2021

Self-guided Crayfishing in the Konkapot Creek

Did you know that you can borrow nets and buckets to explore the Konkapot Creek? Watch an introduction video to learn what it is all about.

The net storage area, found on the West side of the building, is typically unlocked anytime the Nature Center is open during the warm weather season. Be sure to return your equipment 30 minutes before closing time.

Here are some important reminders for self-guided crayfishing:

  • Nets are ONLY allowed in the Konkapot Creek, NOT the Fox River.
  • Do NOT use nets to lift rocks and do not remove rocks from the creek.
  • Rinse any mud, weeds or algae off nets before leaving the creek.
  • Crayfishing is a catch and release activity. All critters caught must be put back in the water when you are done.
  • Explore at your own risk and be safe!
    • Wear old tennis shoes, boots or water shoes to protect your feet.
    • It can be very slippery and hard to see the bottom. Please walk.
    • Never go into the creek or other moving water if the water is high and flowing fast.

Use this Key to Life in the Pond to help identify all of the different things you may find in the water.

Would you prefer to try crayfishing with a staff member? Check out our summer program schedule for several different Crayfish & Critter Hunt programs!

This is one of our many FREE activities that you can do with your family and friends, but donations are always appreciated!