Meeting Agendas / Minutes

City of Kaukauna Committee Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation

Have you found a baby animal that seems to need help? Start here.


1000-Islands-Map (PDF)

Conservancy Zone Guidelines (PDF)

Adult Volunteer Application (PDF)

Adult Volunteer Guidelines & Procedures (PDF)

Youth Volunteer Application (PDF)

Youth Volunteer Procedures (PDF)

Company or Group Volunteer Application (PDF)

Expectations of Community Service Workers (PDF)

Friends Membership Form (PDF)

Recreation and Open Space Master Plan – City of Kaukauna, Wisconsin (PDF)

Field Trip Request Form (PDF)

1000 Islands Program Guide (PDF)

Program Listings & Descriptions (PDF)

1000-Islands-Application-Building-or-Pavilion-Rental (PDF)

Building Use Agreement (PDF)

Pavilion Use Agreement (PDF)

Book Order Form (PDF)

Nature Center Scavenger Hunts

Eagle Plates

eagle-200The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is now issuing a new Endangered Resources license plate that features a photo rendition of an American Bald Eagle. The eagle plate is the third in the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Endangered Resources series.

For more information, visit the Wisconsin DOT web page!