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Registration is Open for 2022 Bald Eagle Nest Watch Volunteers

In 2021, 1000 Islands worked with Madison Audubon for the first time to bring the Bald Eagle Nest Watch citizen science program to the Fox Valley area. What a great […]

Bird Seed Fundraiser Supports 1000 Islands

  1000 Islands wants to help you support local birds and in turn you can help conservation efforts at 1000 Islands. Feeding birds, especially during the lean winter months can […]

Saturday Closures

  Staffing shortages are affecting many different businesses and organizations these days, including us here at 1000 Islands. With limited staff available, we will need to keep the Nature Center […]
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1000 Islands
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Our Mission

Providing children, adults and families the knowledge and skills needed to build a sustainable balance between the environment, economy and community through education, conservation and recreation.

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Get Outside

1000 Islands Environmental Center is proud to offer a variety of opportunities
to engage and connect with the natural world.

Diversity of Nature

Diversity in the natural world creates balanced, resilient and productive ecosystems. Diverse plants and animals co-exist and complement each other while still maintaining their own identity. 1000 Islands Environmental Center strives to model nature through cooperative relationships creating a more diverse organization and aligning our programs, events and operational procedures to ensure everyone is valued, respected and belongs.