1000 Islands strives to make environmentally responsible choices through various projects in the Conservancy Zone. Our goal is to maintain and enhance the Conservancy Zone to its diverse native habitat to ensure healthy, productive forests and wetlands for present and future use.

Invasive Species Management

The Conservancy Zone is not immune to non-native plants and trees. Garlic mustard, dame’s rocket, and buckthorn are three highly invasive species that are invading our native habitat. 1000 Islands continues to work with sustainable organizations and utilize volunteers to help control these invasive plants.

In 2018, 1000 Islands started using goats to assist in controlling invasive species on the Conservancy Zone. Twice a year a local farmer brings his goats to 1000 Islands for them to graze and eat the invasive species. Results have been very positive in the areas where the goats have grazed. In 2024 the goats will be on-site Monday, June 10 – Sunday, June 23.

Sustainable Trail Maintenance

1000 Islands works with City and State offices to control erosion and maintain our trail system. A prairie flower lawn mix was planted, along with planting hickory and sugar maple trees to help control erosion. Erosion is prevalent in numerous areas, but plans are in place for addressing erosion both at the Nelson Overlook and on the Hoersch property.

1000 Islands will continue to make choices that are environmentally responsible, economically viable, and socially equitable for the long-term stability of the Conservancy Zone and the City of Kaukauna.

Current Wildlife Conservation Projects

Slow-Mow Summer to Support Pollinators

The City of Kaukauna is shifting from No Mow May to a Slow-Mow Summer with ways to support bees and other pollinators all summer long.

2023 Tree and Shrub Seedling Sale

1000 Islands Environmental Center held a Tree and Shrub Seedling Sale to offer landowners and homeowners the opportunity to improve and protect the environment while beautifying and increasing the value of their property. All proceeds from the sale help fund environmental education programs and events at 1000 Islands. Thank you once again to Kaukauna Utilities for partnering with us and sponsoring the Seedling Sale.

2023 Tree Seedling Species we Sold: Eastern White Pine, White Spruce, Swamp White Oak, White Oak and Red Maple.

2023 Shrub Seedling Species we Sold: American Elderberry, Downy Serviceberry, Gray Dogwood, Nannyberry Viburnum.

Seedling Planting Guide: Seedling Planting Guide (PDF)

Bat Monitoring – Through Lawrence University

Pollinator Project – Through Lawrence University (studying occurrence and populations of native pollinators)

Bee Hive Installation – Maintained by a local Kaukauna Citizen

Fox Valley Bald Eagle Nest Monitoring – Through Madison Audubon (now Badgerland Bird Alliance) and 1000 Islands Environmental Center

Ways That You Can Participate in Conservation

Plant native plant species in your yard

Protect local waterways by preventing storm sewer pollution

Prevent bird window strikes around your home

Keep your cats indoors

Get involved in Citizen Science

Support 1000 Islands

The Friends of 1000 Islands is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to provide assistance to the Nature Center through fundraising and volunteering.

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