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October 19, 2023

No Pets Allowed in Conservancy Zone

Pets are not allowed on the trails, in the picnic and park area or inside the Nature Center building. Only service dogs on a leash are allowed. See Municipal Code 9.15 for more information. For dog-friendly parks and trails in Kaukauna, please visit the City’s website.

1000 Islands Environmental Center is a Conservancy Zone per the City of Kaukauna Ordinance 734 to provide for the conservation and protection of natural resources. The Conservancy Zone is home to many native plants and animals and dogs play a threat to these. Deer, birds, rabbits, squirrels, etc. call the Conservancy Zone their home and our wild animals perceive dogs as a predator. Some dog breeds are bred for hunting and their natural instinct is to hunt down prey (wildlife) which will scare them out of their home.

The presence of dogs causes wildlife to move away which reduces the amount of available habitat for them to feed, breed and rest. Even the scent of dogs pushes wildlife away. Dogs also transmit diseases to and from wildlife and dog waste pollutes–transmitting harmful parasites. These are all things we do not want for a natural conservancy area.

Also, many people who are scared of dogs come here to walk knowing that this is a dog-free zone. Our trails are not that wide either and when someone wrongly brings their dog with them it is hard for people to pass easily.