Focus on the Fox – Fox Lock Demonstration

Tour Lock #3

Lock 3 is located adjacent to the Fox River Navigational System Authority’s headquarters and hosts the only dry dock in the system. Built in 1901 the dry dock was primarily used to maintain and store vessels. Located behind lock 3 is the only paper mill in Kaukauna. Lock #3 opened for navigation in 1856 and was rebuilt in 1880 and 2012. The Lock is made of quarry stone masonry, concreted caps, and wood gates.

Locks are opened by a hand crank that opens the valves to level out the water in the channel and the lock. Watch as the water fills the lock and the massive gates open.

Shuttle Service Available

A shuttle bus, courtesy of Kobussen Buses will be available to take you to Lock #3 for the tour and return you to 1000 Islands. This is a free service and the bus will run continuously throughout the day.