1000 Islands Environmental Center & Dogs

"Dogs and other pets are not allowed on 1000 Islands property, whether in the park or on the trails."

Why aren't dogs allowed on 1000 Islands property?

One of the core committments of the 1000 Islands Environmental Center and Concervancy Zone is to protect our local, native wildlife. We provide home to many species, some that are rare or even endangered.

Dogs and other pets are not allowed on our property for a number of reasons:

  • Our wildlife is vulnerable to the predation, disturbance and disease that dogs may cause.
  • Barking or scents are enough to scare away native wildlife, spread disease and attract other dogs which may come from surrounding areas.
  • Dogs and other pets have caused messes, damage, and have frightened or intimidated visitors to our trails.
  • The City of Kaukauna has an ordinance which prohibits pets in this city park.

What about Assistance Dogs?

Assistance dogs, or dogs that provide support for people with disabilities, are an exception to the rule, and are allowed to accompany their handlers into our property. If possible, the 1000 Islands staff should be informed that the animal will be on property.

Where can I take my dog in Kaukauna?

Nearby Konkapot Creek trail allows dogs, as do city streets. In addition, Kaukauna maintains a popular Dog Park at 310 Farmland Ct, Kaukauna. There are many opportunities to enjoy a walk with your pet in the City of Kaukauna. But, please be respectful of our Conservancy Zone and keep your pets at home when visiting us!